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Third Trimester part II

It’s been a few months since the last posting but I have a few thoughts to add to the third trimester experience.

It gets tough. Really really tough. Almost impossible to sleep. I crocheted a ton of stuff to try and keep myself relaxed and occupied. I felt restless. I felt useless because my belly seemed to get in the way of everything (try washing dishes with that thing!) I prayed for the baby to come out early. I walked, did squats and lunges, climbed countless amounts of stairs (God bless my hubby for walking around town on that particular adventure), bounced on the exercise ball. I experienced false labor and went to the hospital where they took a look at how cheery I was and sent me home. Yes, I found TV shows to watch and watched episode after episode (while bouncing or walking in place). Being impatient and not knowing what to expect is quite the interesting combination.

Overall I gained right about 20 lbs. Baby ended up coming on the exact day the Doc estimated. My water broke in the middle of the night and so there were no guessing games after that. It took many hours of labor, getting induced with Pitocin, and baby still wasn’t coming out. The pain became so bad that I requested an epidural which helped tremendously. Turns out baby was positioned awkwardly, where her head was tilted and body wasn’t aligned correctly with the pelvic bone. Good thing the nurse on duty was able to realize that, manually correct it, and within hours the baby popped out. Before the pushing part was a horrible few minutes where I thought I was dying: cannot breathe, too hot, cannot move, oxygen mask didn’t help. The solution to it? Baby must come out (haha). I closed my eyes and focused all my energy on normalizing my breathing and right after that I was pushing the baby out! The most incredible amazing moment is being handed the baby to hold. I really cannot describe the feeling; emotions I didn’t even realize existed flooded my being. Gotta go through it to know what I’m talking about 😉

Since that concludes the actual trimester, I’ll have another post about having the baby be part of daily life!

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