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How I wash dishes…

…instead of letting them pile on.


Maybe I have a lazy bone or have a thing with procrastination, but it is SO EASY to let dishes pile on, or leave toys out, or counter cluttered, etc. The dishwasher is saved for occasions when there are guests since we don’t generate enough of them in one day. But to leave dishes in the sink and come up with busy excuses is something I’m a pro at. Then at the end of the day I’m dreading the task because there are TOO MANY! Anyways, since my baby is too young to be assigned chores, it’s still up to me.

So I trick myself into playing a timer game. If it’s 10:14, how many dishes can I wash by the time it’s 10:20? Usually when the time is up, I’ve either completed the task, or have like 3 left so of course I’ll wash them. And same concept if something’s being timed and there are 4 minutes left: how much of living room can I tidy up? So even if I’m not done, it’s a lot cleaner than it was 4 minutes ago!

Next time I’m slacking off in the house chores business, I must remember to read this and trick myself into cleaning 👍

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