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Third Trimester

OK here we go with some updates for me to remember regarding this pregnancy. They say every pregnancy is different so apparently it might not work for the next time around.

Here are a few of my favorite pregnancy cartoons that end up capturing exactly what I feel.

cartoon41Same questions over and over, which I’m OK with. People telling me that because it’s my first then my due date will be way late, like two weeks late. And saying it with pity. Which I’m not sure how to take, I suppose I ignore it mostly because from what I hear the baby comes when it’s ready.
What I’m not OK with is people who keep rubbing my belly! If it’s family or close friends I don’t mind it AS MUCH, (but still, they never touched my stomach before!) yet it is definitely a little bit awkward. The people who I’m acquainted with but aren’t close friends – that I don’t understand. It’s like a protruding belly means permission for everybody to start rubbing circles all over it. Super annoying.

prego01Most definitely! I thought first trimester was bad! Now it’s just ridiculous: I need to plan out my fluid consumption in advance, especially if I’m going to church, teaching (which I’m not anymore), driving somewhere, etc. It’s worst at night when I have to wake up again and again. It’s still a challenge to figure out how to fit in all the required fluids before evening time; my stomach isn’t that large! So this is something I am working on and hoping it’ll result in fewer trips to the loo at night.


c34This one was just funny. I try to take regular walks ranging from 1-5 miles a day and it makes me feel better overall: fresh air, exercise, admire the autumn beauty, and hope for better sleep at night.




This one is particularly painful. If my sleep problem consisted mostly of just waking up at night to use the restroom, it wouldn’t be too bad. I cannot sleep. My legs get restless. I’ve tried numerous attempts at solving the problem and some of them seem to help… for a while only! Hit or miss. If I walk a lot, my leg muscles get tired and there’s a better chance of sleeping. Bananas and magnesium supplements became part of my daily diet because being deficient in that vitamin tends to cause restless leg syndrome. My husband massaged my feet. I soaked them in Epsom salts. Pillows were stuffed under my legs to elevate them. My body pillow helped out at times as well. All in all, after reading up on it, this insomnia during pregnancy seems to be an ironic way of preparing for motherhood and having nightly feedings for baby. This last night I got no sleep at all. I finally dozed off after my husband left for work and am trying to survive on those few hours. This sleeping issue was the reason I stopped substitute teaching. I truly am grateful that I have the opportunity to stay at home at this time and take it easy. The women who are working all the way until their delivery dates have my utmost admiration and respect (and condolences).

446-pregnant-woman-cartoonThen there are those days where I feel great! Actually most days are great, it’s the lack of sleep at night that affect the daytime mood. Some friends who are or were pregnant go into these great details of painful and uncomfortable symptoms they’ve experienced. I’m thanking God I’ve been spared most of those symptoms they speak of and try to use those stories to put my restless leg syndrome and insomnia into perspective. It ain’t so bad after that.


insure-17_0Heartburn for me was a matter of managing. I read up on it, discovered that certain foods cause it, sleeping on the right side aggravates it, and laying down too quickly after meals brings it on as well. Since I don’t eat too many spicy or greasy foods, I don’t experience this problem too often, and when I do, well that’s what TUMS are for. Or apples. Eating apples helps reduce the severity of it too.

cow-cartoonCalcium is good for you and all, but after becoming pregnant, some forms of milk products stopped sitting with me so well. This meant that the ice-cream I “craved” would make me nauseous. The milk chocolate I would justify eating several pieces of would make me regret it completely. Drinking milk was out of the question. Yogurts and cheeses were acceptable. After trial and error, I realized that I could still have very small amounts of chocolate or ice-cream without suffering. Overall, it ends up working to my advantage because now I can’t pig out on stuff I normally would (like Haagen Dazs milk chocolate vanilla ice-cream with almonds).



At 30 weeks of pregnancy, I have gained about 15 pounds. I really didn’t start showing until maybe month 6 or so. Hopefully at this rate when the baby comes all I’ll have gained is just baby weight. Being gluten-free is now obviously a blessing in disguise because it prevents me from eating all that bready/starchy/pasta/desserts that I was so obsessed about.

I suppose that’s it for now, if I think of some more details to add I’ll just create another posting!

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