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Acting Entitled

The word “entitled” as defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary: to give a right to.

The word “entitled” as defined by Urban Dictionary:  An attitude, demeanor, or air of rudeness, ingraciousness, or combativeness, especially when making excessive demands for service (usually used following the word “acted”)

My husband and I recently returned from a trip to the other coast with our friends. Besides the trip being an overall positive experience, there were several examples that really made me think. Specifically about how I will be raising my child.

People are rude. Not everyone, but some. Very rude, obnoxious, acting entitled and not even thinking about others around them.

Example: waiting for a shuttle to take people from hotel to the train station. First come, first serve basis. The shuttle isn’t very big. Unfortunately, there were a bit too much people than the amount of seats, and the first ones who jumped on laid out their purses and bags on other seats to say they were “claimed” for their friends who are coming in (later in line). A screaming match almost ensued about how that isn’t fair and the first come first serve rule should be applicable. Nope, no can do. Then children start piling in. Instead of being flexible and having people sit in laps, particularly the smaller ones, such as children, they all spread out on their own seats. All previous days there was always at least one person who had to sit on a lap, which is uncomfortable but about a five minute ride so not a big deal. It really made me think. How do I want to raise my child? I want her to be aware of others, of being sensitive and flexible and caring, not being a jerk.

This was just a specific example that really stood out. I had been noticing for a while that there are so many kids growing up acting entitled. They think they don’t need to stand and wait in line, the concept of sharing doesn’t apply to them, whatever they want- they get, no matter what the circumstance seems to be, whatever their opinion is, that’s exactly what is true and correct. I don’t understand it. When kids are raised like that, they can’t easily change when they get older. It is that much more difficult to become flexible and adapt to a situation (workplace, classroom, family life, etc.).

I think the purpose of me writing this down is to always keep in mind that behaviors are taught, mostly by their parents. I just pray to God I will have the wisdom to be a good parent and make sure the kids turn out to be successful and helpful additions to society.


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