True Easter with Eggs

So the real reason for Easter isn’t the bunny or eggs or chocolate but the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, since there are so many eggs and items associated with the true Easter, I thought why not utilize those items and still talk about the true Easter? I found a site ( mentioning Resurrection Eggs, so I used ideas from there: bought plastic eggs, numbered them, and placed them in a carton.


The kids were in rotating groups in my class, so when they arrived at my station, they sat in a circle and I introduced the eggs. Beginning with the first egg, I would open it, let them look at the item, pass it around in the circle, and discuss what it represents.


  • 1- brown pompom – donkey’s fur that Jesus rode into Jerusalem
  • 2- cracker – bread at the Last Supper
  • 3- sanitizing wipe – washing feet at the Last Supper
  • 4- 3 dimes – silver that Judas betrayed Jesus for
  • 5- feather – rooster that crowed
  • 6- piece of rose stem w/ thorns – crown of thorns
  • 7- dice – lots that soldiers cast for Jesus’ garments
  • 8- nail- being nailed to the cross
  • 9- black streamer – sky turning to darkness
  • 10- piece of white cloth – linens Jesus was wrapped in
  • 11- pebble – rock placed in front of the tomb
  • 12- nothing – empty tomb

I was very surprised how captivated the 4th/5th graders were with this activity. Some of the regularly misbehaved kids actually sat until the very end, even when their parents had arrived, to finish seeing what was in the last egg!


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