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The importance of a balanced life is often forgotten as something “important” takes over the day/week/month/etc. It isn’t easy to work on a job, think of the future, take time for family and that’s it. No, there ALSO needs to be time to take care of yourself, to spend some time on whatever hobbies you have, see friends, be involved in the community, AND feed your spiritual side.

When my life is going crazy and I feel overwhelmed, I need to sit down and look at this chart. After evaluating where my focus has been on, I will often find that while I’m spending so much time on a few of these categories, other categories are being ignored. I cannot function without a balance. Classic example: a few school deadlines are coming up and perhaps some event at church, like a fundraiser. I would spend so much time studying, preparing for the projects and putting in a lot of effort to bake delicious cookies, and then wonder why I’m irritable, frustrated with my husband, and feel out of control. Well, that’s easy! I wasn’t spending time nurturing the relationship with husband, I didn’t have time to exercise or eat right, I forgot to see the greater picture of what it is I’m doing, I didn’t spend time with God, and so on.

It doesn’t seem possible to do all of these things, let alone in one day, and I think that’s fine. There obviously doesn’t need to be the same amount of time allotted for each category. If I exercise for 15 minutes one day, that will suffice; I will feel so much better than not having any exercise at all. If I take some time to read one chapter out of Proverbs and reflect upon the words, I feel renewed. One of my hobbies is cooking: I could spend time with my husband cooking up something great and with that I would take care of two categories, a hobby, and family/relationships. The interesting thing about this chart and balance is that it could be something very meaningful and could encompass several categories all at once. For example, my husband and I help out with Sunday school together. By doing this, we are both participating in a religious community activity, we are spending time with colleagues, this is an interest for both of us, we discuss some future plans while we’re at it, and best of all, we are spending time together doing this: six categories right there!

A category most often neglected, in my opinion, is the self-care. But guess what? Something as simple as a 5 minute bubble bath will help out tremendously. The few minutes it takes to close your eyes, breathe, and just let your mind relax helps rejuvenate the mind so much, it’s funny that it isn’t done more often. I don’t have a job right now, but school can be my job, my Sunday school involvement can be my job; it could also be my hobby, which makes the balance happen much more naturally.

Quality time spent on each category of the wheel will help lead a balanced approach to life. Now all I have to do is remember that 😉



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