Black Friday Madness

I have heard of the craziness associated with Black Friday and never felt compelled to participate. This year, after thanksgiving dinner at in-laws, I persuaded my husband to stop by a store before we went home. It was on Thursday night, the day before Black Friday. I don’t know why, maybe just to check out the lines for myself, consider the deals, and see if there’s anything I may be missing out on.

We went to Target at 10 PM. It was packed with people, packed like at a concert. Wow, must be some amazing deals, I thought. And yes, they were amazing. Enormous toys were 50% off, games were buy 1 get 1 free, towels, DVDs, socks were very much discounted. But. Yes, this “but” is so meaningful it deserves a sentence all by itself. The line to the register was halfway throughout the store! I am not exaggerating! It wove in one aisle and out the next. I gaped all the way out the store. No deal is good enough to stay in line for several hours.

I can see how it could possibly be beneficial: if you aren’t missing family time, already know what gifts for Christmas you’ll buy, have strong enough willpower to not get sucked into buying all the unnecessary things that are a “good deal”, and have a few friends to keep you company in that long line, then maybe, MAYBE, it could be justifiable.

By the way, I went home, slept, and the next day got some great deals online. Ha!

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