Ah. The word itself could be a challenge to even say.

Several examples in my life have recently reminded the importance of this word. The first Google definition for communication is: share or exchange information, news, or ideas.

People, myself included of course, sometimes think that there is no need to exchange information. New thoughts, or events, or THINGS that happened could be kept to myself, because, of course, if I know it, then you must too. If I experienced some emotion, I don’t need to tell you because you experienced the same emotion as well. If something needs to be done, I can keep it to myself because of course you have the same thought process. Right?

No! No again! You must let the other person know! A concern that arises, an amazing discovery, a problem or a solution: don’t expect anybody else to know this unless you’ve personally shared it. One cannot hope that by the glorious gossip grapevine the correct information will get across to the intended party.

We need to be more simple. Almost child-like. Information at Point A cannot get to Point B unless there is a transport taking place. Pure and simple.

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3 thoughts on “Communication

  1. Did you draw that?! Lol

  2. Did you draw that?!

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