My husband and I watched the movie “Traffic” the other day. IMDb has this short summary: “A conservative judge is appointed by the President to spearhead America’s escalating war against drugs, only to discover that his teenage daughter is an addict.”

This movie gave me sense of tremendous urgency to teach young kids and hope to make some kind of a difference. By the time kids get to middle school even, they’ll have much easier access to drugs, which are now much cheaper than alcohol. If kids aren’t happy with life, if they have no sense of belonging, if there is nothing for them to live for, if they don’t have friends, if they don’t have strong values by this point, etc., what will stop them from trying something out? Yes, I know it’s impossible to prevent absolutely everything negative from being accessible to them, but it is such a horrible thing! It’s terrible how drugs affect so many people and ruins people’s lives and causes so much heartache. OK, the movie is a movie, but the sad part is, it’s reality today. Some of my family has fallen victim to this destruction and are struggling to get out without much success.

So if my calling is to be a teacher, what can I do to impact kids and help them develop stronger values about life? How can they understand how meaningful life is yet so easy to ruin it? It doesn’t seem to matter if a family is dirt-poor or educated or wealthy; everybody seems to be an equal target. How can I raise kids without feeling that I’m setting them up for failure? I feel that perhaps the only possible way out of this is by divine intervention. If kids learn that there is something greater to live for and that there is a loving God, perhaps there is a better chance that they will be able to stand their ground in the face of this particular trial.

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