Reader’s Theater

Some kids in class are high readers. Meaning that when the rest of the class is learning phonics and phonemic awareness and saying short o sounds, these kids are bored. So the cooperating teacher split them from the class: they are now doing different, more challenging reading. Since we read Stone Soup in class, and I had a reader’s theater skit for Stone Soup from my University class, we decided to do it with them! It is so interesting how seeing a story in a different format creates a challenge. Kids are trying to understand that the character’s names (listed in bold on the side) are not to be read, the verbs in parenthesis don’t need to be read but acted out (ex: laughing), and one must follow along the lines diligently if the skit is to go smoothly. It is interesting for me to observe how they’re being challenge. Today we will practice some more reading together and then individual parts.

I suppose it’s easy to turn any story into a reader’s theater. Kids get a chance to practice reading fluently and with expression. The whole clincher is when they get to present it in front of the class!

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