Here is a list of what I need to know when teaching lessons:

  • Need to practice strengthening voice
  • Utilize the document camera when explaining something to kids; they need as many examples and visuals as possible
  • Act! Have fun! Be on stage!
  • State clear expectations & demonstrate before calling on student to take over or lead a mini repetition exercise (or anything of that sort)
  • Don’t ask questions such as “Are we ready for math? Who wants to be a volunteer?” Instead, say, “Student, please come up” or draw name from sticks in a jar. Say “It is time for math.”
  • Don’t evaluate students’ answers; if incorrect, ask follow up question. Students can be acknowledged for answering “thank you” but don’t say “good job!” and then omit it for another student’s answer if it isn’t correct.

What I’m improving on:

  • Because my voice is soft, I practiced chimes and attention getting strategies with kids. Made them talk, timed them on how quickly they were able to quiet down once the signal was given, and repeated it until they got better. There is no microphone in class, only an amplifier, so kids need to help me out 🙂
  • Connections are better, explaining vocabulary words and helping them tie in with what was learned earlier that week and how it relates to this lesson, utilizing vocabulary words and terminology in the lesson.
  • Pulling names from sticks = ensures better participation because kids don’t know who’ll be called on next.
  • Holding kids accountable: if don’t know answer- pay attention because will need to restate what the next student will say.

That’s it for this time; off to school!

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