Math Lesson # 2

Math lesson #2 went better: I had more control of the class, my pacing was much more appropriate, and student seating was planned out.

What to improve on:

  • Think about manipulatives: what are students doing after done working with them? Explain the need to put away, etc., before beginning next task.
  • Giving quiz: show it on doc camera and read directions with them. Show where name goes. Do not give out answers. Say they already know the answer (because they’ve been working on this all week).
  • I need to SPEAK UP. My voice needs to be more LOUD. Microphone wasn’t available, but an amplifier was, which apparently didn’t do much justice.
  • Don’t repeat student’s sentences. If Student A is saying something (an action statement for another during an activity) and Student B doesn’t hear, I need to tell Student A “Louder please/please repeat” or tell Student B that he/she needs to pay attention. If they are used to me repeating statements for them, they won’t pay attention the first time around.
  • Think of student’s sight line. I may have planned out how/where they’re going to sit/stand, but I need to stay out of the way if I’m blocking their view for any part of whatever is going on.
  • Need to think of CRUCIAL SENTENCES: clarify connections. One activity may be fun, and another may fun, but how are they connected? Why is it important?


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