First Math Lesson Taught

Epic fail. Humbling experience.

Forgot most of what I practiced and prepared. Forgot to show HW page. Didn’t have active participants. Forgot to show pattern activity until much later.

But my cooperating teacher… Dear God, bless her heart. She knew how to cleverly make a statement and a critique in such a way that made me feel better. She said I now established a baseline and know what to improve upon. Instead of focusing on everything that went wrong, focus on one or two crucial points and see how it can be changed and work from there. The fact that we don’t have to repeat the lesson tomorrow means that it could have been much worse. Yikes.

So, I will prepare my lesson and actually type out everything I have to say/do. Even though it’s already written in the curriculum planner, and SMARTBoard slides are made, I need to get my brain used to the process. Apparently I am not as good as I sometimes think I am. The pacing of the lesson needs to be worked on; if students are focusing on something minor, such as reviewing concepts, and I spend too much time on it, I lose them, which makes it more difficult to get their attention again. Plus I need to SPEAK UP! My voice tends to be quiet (which interfered with the quality of my story reading apparently too, even though the kids were actively listening). But I feel like I’m yelling when I raise my voice, and it naturally doesn’t increase in volume THAT much. Perhaps I will ask to borrow a microphone.

I need to get their attention in a more effective manner too. I forgot them all (surprise!) except for the chime that was hanging by the board and served as a visual reminder. Another post will be a list of attention-getting strategies.

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