Accountable Talk

Accountable Talk: speaking clearly, respectfully; increases quality of talk.

Accountability to Learning Community:

  • listen
  • paraphrase
  • build on ideas
  • use sentence stems
  • respectful disagreement

Accountability to Knowledge:

  • specific and accurate
  • resisting saying ‘anything’
  • getting facts straight
  • challenging questions that demand evidence for claims

Accountability to Rigorous Thinking:

  • building arguments
  • linking claims and evidence
  • checking quality of claims
  • working to make statements clear

By increasing students’ reading comprehension, vocabulary is expanded, word conscientiousness takes place and students are able to take part of rigorous thinking.  Expectations for students are incredible. I am humbled by the fact that some students are better accountable talkers than I am at this time. Well, they say learning is a lifelong process!


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